Apply Industrial /Organizational psychology theory or theories to a current event in an organization Custom Essay

Control this provision, you achieve adduce Industrial /Organizational psychology system or theories to a exoteric incident in an controlm. Imagine that you achieve be giveing this exoteric incident, to a table of directors of that controlm and reason the incident as rationale control the insufficiency to employ you as an I/O psychologist at their controlm. Your suggestion should dismanner the aftercited points: What are the benefits of using an I/O psychologist? How can an I/O psychologist befripurpose in rectifying the outcome (the exoteric incident)? What I/O psychology system or theories would you reason to dissect the exoteric incident? Based on the system or theories, from an I/O perspective what would be your manner of exercise? How would the impression of the system or theories princident such a exoteric incident from happening frequently (if denying) or happening spent effectively (if actual)? How would you evaluate the portraiturefulness of the manner of exercise you view? Create a ten to fifteen slide PowerPoint purposeowment with a script (using the slide notes component) that you achieve reason to give your suggestion to the table of directors. Control tips on creating an excusable purposeowment, perexplanation this overview. Writing the Final Project The Final Project: Must be ten to fifteen slides (beside oration and relation slides) and controlmatted according to APA indicate as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Must enclose a oration slide with the aftercited: a. Purposeowment Indicate b. Student’s indicate c. Manner indicate and estimate d. Instructor’s indicate e. Date submitted Must enclose an prefatory slide that summarizes the exoteric incident and gives the view of your purposeowment. Must dismanner the subject of the purposeowment with exact reasoning. Must purpose with a misentry that reaffirms your disquisition. Must reason at last five knowing, peer-reviewed sources that were published among the spent five years and buttress the ocean ideas of your purposeowment. Must muniment every sources in APA indicate, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Must enclose a disconnected relation slide listing every relations reasond to buttress your assertions during the purposeowment that are controlmatted according to APA indicate as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

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