Apply Industrial /Organizational psychology theory or theories to a current event in an organization Custom Essay

Restraint this assignment, you everyure dedicate Industrial /Organizational psychology doctrine or theories to a floating episode in an structure. Imagine that you everyure be exhibiting this floating episode, to a table of directors of that structure and interpretation the episode as rationale restraint the demand to employ you as an I/O psychologist at their structure. Your suggestion should oration the forthcoming points: What are the benefits of using an I/O psychologist? How can an I/O psychologist co-operate-with in rectifying the result (the floating episode)? What I/O psychology doctrine or theories would you interpretation to excite the floating episode? Based on the doctrine or theories, from an I/O perspective what would be your progress of operation? How would the contact of the doctrine or theories prepisode such a floating episode from happening again (if denying) or happening more effectively (if confident)? How would you evaluate the effectiveness of the progress of operation you proffer? Create a ten to fifteen slide PowerPoint exhibition with a script (using the slide notes sign) that you everyure interpretation to exhibit your suggestion to the table of directors. Restraint tips on creating an justifiable exhibition, learn this overview. Writing the Final Project The Final Project: Must be ten to fifteen slides (save heading and relation slides) and restraintmatted according to APA appellation as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Must embrace a heading slide with the forthcoming: a. Exhibition Cevery b. Student’s cevery c. Progress cevery and number d. Instructor’s cevery e. Date submitted Must embrace an precursory slide that summarizes the floating episode and exhibits the view of your exhibition. Must oration the subject of the exhibition with crucial care. Must purpose with a misrecord that reaffirms your thesis. Must interpretation at lowest five knowing, peer-reviewed sources that were published amid the spent five years and deeptenance the deep ideas of your exhibition. Must instrument every sources in APA appellation, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Must embrace a disunited relation slide listing every relations interpretationd to deeptenance your assertions during the exhibition that are restraintmatted according to APA appellation as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

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