Analyze the use of stereotypes in Green Grass Running Water Custom Essay

1. Analyze the use of stereotypes in Green Grass Running Water. What stereotypes does King present, and what is their role in the lives and development of his various characters? How does King’s treatment of stereotypes create conflict, and what does the resolution of this conflict reveal about stereotypes? (You need not examine every single instance a stereotype is presented, but rather focus on those instances you deem most striking or significant.)

2. Why does Thomas King use creation stories as one of the two distinct plots in Green Grass Running Water? You may consider one of the questions below to guide your analysis and limit the scope of your paper.
– What is Coyote’s role?
– What is the effect of interweaving Native and Christian creation stories?
– How/why do references to literary works feature in King’s creation stories?
– What is the relationship between the past and the present? (How do the two distinct plots—that eventually become one—relate to one another?)

3. “Magical Realism” is defined by critic Ilan Stevens as “a type of literature … that juxtaposes dreams with reality, approaching strange, atypical, even fabulous events as if they were a normal part of life.” Identify events in One Hundred Years of Solitude that fit this description, and research how this novel has defined this genre, and why it is a controversial categorization.

4. We have discussed the typical linear structure of most narrative plots, but in One Hundred Years of Solitude Ursula observes “that time was not passing … but that it was turning in a circle, (p 335). How is this so? And how does the circular structure of the narrative tie to the novel’s major themes?

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