Analyze the significance of three patterns discussed in Johnson’s Where Good Ideas Come From Custom Paper

We Have Explored the various rhetorical devices and ways authors create stories, images, characters, situations, and places to generate themes and provoke powerful emotions. Up until now, we have explored this terrain of creative texts in search of significance ( why something we observe seems important); now we will scrutinize a work for something that looks, feels, and sounds much more like an argument. In this essay, you will show the significance of three patterns, and why they’re necessary for a good idea to flourish. Once again, here’s the list of patterns: The Adjacent Possible, Liquis Networks, The Slow Hunch, Serendipity, Error, Exaptation, and Platforms.

Analyze the significance of three patterns discussed in Steven Johnson’s book ( where good ideas come from. make sure to use specific examples from booth the book and film ( Exit Through the Gift Shop) to prove your argument.

1- Essay: 4 pages (1100-1200 words), Double-spaced, and MLA format
2- To argue your point successfully, you will need to use direct quotes and specific examples from the book and film. Every paragraph you write should assert and explain how the significance of directly quoted passage supports your response to the above prompt.
3- As you read, run through the prewriting strategies that work best for you to make observations about what interests you, upsets you, or appears strange to you.
4-Your audience has read the book (Where good Ideas come From) but they will need a refresher in your introduction.
5- Thesis statements got you down? Remember: Position+ Rationale= A+Thesis
6- Use AXES to create coherent body paragraphs controlled by strong topic sentences.

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