American History: Manifest Destiny Custom Essay

1) Identify the concept of Manifest Destiny (Idea Model) Identify: Simple Definition 2-3 sentences.
2) Discuss the concept of Manifest Destiny as it applied to the U.S. in the 19th century. Discuss: 8th grade version the common student could understand 4-5 sentences.
3) Explain why America wanted/needed to expand overseas at the beginning of the 20th century. Explain: Cite examples for both arguments, go into a deeper understanding and give opinion of rationale for the argument about 4-5 sentences.
Late 19th and early 20th expansionism by the U.S. was seen by many as a continuism of earlier 19th century Manifest Destiny. Using the issues identified in documents, discuss why this would be an accurate statement. The document (1) is about U.S. aquisitions and annexations 1857-1904. Examples: Alaska 1867, Puerto Rico 1898, Panama Canal zone 1904, Phillipine Is. 1898, Midway Is. 1867, Guam, 1898, American Samoa 1899, Hawaiian Is 1898, Palmyra Is, 1898, Wake I 1899, Johnston I 1858 and Jarvis I 1857.
Document (2) "Have we no mission to perform, no duty to discharge to our fellow man? Has God endowed us with gifts beyond our deserts and marked us as the people of His peculiar favor, merely to rot in our own selfishness as men and nations must, who take cowardice for their companion and self for the deity-as China has, as India has, as Egypt has?… "The rule of liberty that all just government derives it’s authorit from the consent of the governed, applies only to those who are c apable of self government…would not the people of the Phillipines prefer the just, humane, civilizing government of this Republic to the savage, bloody rule of pillage and extortion from which we have rescued them?…"…do we owe no duty to the world? Shall we turn these people back to the reeking hands from which we have taken them? Shall we abandon them, with Germany, England, Japan hungering for them? Shall we save them from these nations, to give them a self-rule of tragedy?…"…Jefferson who dreamed of Cuba as an American State; Jefferson the first Imperialist of the Republic–Jefferson acquired that imperial territory which swept from the Mississippi to the mountains, from Texas to the British pssessions, and the march of the flag began!…"American Energy is greater than Spanish sloth…Their trade will be ours in time…we cannot fly from our world duties; it is ours to execute the purpose of a fate that has driven us to be greater than our small intentions. We cannot retreat from any soil where Providence has unfurled our banner; it is ours to save that soil for liberty and civilization.

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