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This exam consists of four essay questions. Students must choose three questions out of these four questions. Total worth of final exam is 26% percentage points (i.e., about 9 points for each question) Essay questions presume that students have read the assigned readings and participated in all class activities (especially discussion questions and chat sessions). A few important things are mentioned in the sub-sections of each question. Students must incorporate those topics in their answers, rather than explaining those topics individually. Grading on this exam will be based on: how thoroughly students address the broader essay question, and related sub-topics; how well they organize their answers; how well they analyze the relevant underlying issues, theories, and assumptions; on whether they present several sound arguments; on whether they show mastery of the material covered in the course; and how incisive, insightful, and perceptive they are in their treatment of the subject. Each answer should be one page. Please provide references and citations as needed throughout answers.

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