Affordable Health Care ACT Custom Essay

This is an individual assignment. Answer the following questions using peer review articles and reputable web sites such as .edu, .gov. *The paper is required to be submitted in APA format*
1. The portion of the Act that you chose:
a. Explain and describe this portion of the Act.
i. Define in detail the act.
ii. What does this portion of the act mean to individuals?
b. Who are the potentially impacted individuals?
2. What is the Government of Florida’s position on your chosen portion of the Act?
a. Does the State Government currently support or oppose your chosen portion of the Act?
b. In what ways are the citizens of Florida impacted by the government’s position on this portion of the act?
3. How is nursing as a profession affected by the provision of the Act being discussed?
a. What are the nursing implications of the Act?
b. What can nurses do to assist patients affected by the Act?
c. Is the nursing profession affected or mentioned in the Act as a whole?


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