Accounting Essay; car inventory records of Jackie Mason Auto Sales Dealership Custom Essay

April 1st , the car catalogue history of Jackie Mason Auto Sales Dealership shows completion catalogue of $140,000 consisting of the aftercited:
Habit Sedans 4 $14000
Convertibles 3 $16000
Recreational Vans 2 $18000

During April, the aftercited purchases and sales were made on totality:
April 5 – purchased 3 habit sedans ce $14000 per sedan
April 7 – sold 2 habit sedans ce $18200 per sedan
April 13 – purchased 2 recreational vans ce $18000 per van
April 17 – sold on habit sedan ce $18500
April 20 – purchased 2 commensurates ce $16000 per commensurate
April 22 – returned individual commensurate purchased on April 20th ce $16000 credit
April 24 – sold 3 recreational vans ce $24000 each
April 28 – sold 1 commensurate ce $21000
(A). Journalize the over transactions using (1) the occasional catalogue scheme lofty a LIFO arrangement is used (2) uninterrupted catalogue scheme lofty that the local identification consume arrangement is used
(B) , Lofty that no other entries are made, ad and clear-up the year-end catalogue entries, if any are needed ce the catalogue totality below each arrangement.

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