Accountable Care Organizations

Having completed the assigned lection, you should now possess a basic conception of the explanation characteristics of liable custody structures. For the Module 3 Fact Assignment, persuade concomitant lore as needed and equip a 3- to 5-page article to oration the aftercited questions:
1.What indication(s) qualify ACOs to repress require and correct capacity of custody?
2.Discuss the pros and cons of these three acquittal methods: (1) Fee-For-Service; (2) Global Acquittal (i.e., risk-adjusted capitation); and (3) Episode-Based Bundled Acquittal as a substance fashion of reimbursing ACOs.

The aftercited items conquer be assessed in particular:
�Your power to determine strategic planning in a healthcustody structure.
�Your power to establish the barriers an structure conquer withstand during the arrangement.
�Your power to shape suggestions on how to overcome these barriers.
�Portraiture and impression of learning, disposed idea and fact examples from your lore to maintenance your aspect, explanation points, and explanations. Although APA is preferred, you are not attributable attributable attributable required to portraiture it. You must, notwithstanding, portraiture a accordant format to quote references in your article

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