About the Wahhabi movement and religious violence Custom Paper

I had this paper about the Wahhabi movement and religious violence. However, my professor said the paper need more research and some editing on the Introduction. because the course is on violence and the professor is an anthropologist, so she wants more deep research in the section "Intolerance to other Religious Beliefs and Justification for Jihad" under this section there are some violent events committed by the Wahhabis, and I want more research and rewrite these events with more details and search for more violent events committed by the Wahhabis and discuss this violence and contextualize it (the causes and circumstances). Also I want you to edit the Introduction because it needs the argument of the paper to be clearly established in the Introduction, and fits with the new added search. and I would appreciate it if you included the new information in the conclusion. You may use the references list or you can add new sources if you needed.and please try to make the style similar to the paper’s style, and avoid complicated styles keep it simple to appear as if I wrote it. lastly please don’t limit yourself in the number of pages I’m open into adding more pages if needed, and feel free to contact me any time you like.

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