A sociological account of the interactive episodes that routinely occur in an average day of your life, similar to the account in your course kit written by Candace West, “Not Even a Day in the Life.” Custom Essay

A sociological statement of the interactive issues that routinely befall in an mediocre day of your activity, resembling to the statement in your order kit written by Candace West, “Not Even a Day in the Activity.” Your metaphysical drudgery is to employ distinct ideas and concepts discussed in the readings coercion this minority of the order to these scenes, including the readings by Stephen Katz, Anthony Giddens, Rita Felski , Susie Scott, and the event studies by Spencer Cahill et.al., Esther Kim, Amy Best, and Carole Brooks Gardiner. You may also pull from and employ Alfred Schutz’ ideas encircling the bark of gregarious scholarship we reason in divergent areas of our day-to-day lives and Goffman’s ideas encircling how we effect the change from individual interactive issue to another.


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