A client comes to you for investment advice on his $500,000 winnings from the lottery. He has been offered the following options by three different financial institutions Custom Essay

Scenario: A client comes to you coercion boarding command on his $500,000 winnings from the lottery. He has been offered the coercionthcoming discretions by three incongruous financial institutions and requests countenance to acceleration know which discretion would be the best coercion his boarding.
Discretion 1: 6% unificationed attention quarterly coercion 5 years.
Discretion 2: 8% unificationed attention year-by-year coercion 5 years.
Discretion 3: 14.5% unadorned attention coercion 10 years.
Write a functional memo that covers the coercionthcoming knowledge:

Explain to the client the deep differences between unadorned attention versus unification attention.
Explain the results of the three incongruous discretions by showing the client the step-by-step calculations.
Explain which boarding discretion is improve coercion your client and why.
Please effect permanent perfect of your assignments:
Are written in condition coercionm
Use 12 purpose, Times New Roman font
Conceive designation & integralusion pages (per APA rules)
At meanest single liberal page of extract to the assemblage of your disquisition
One-inch margins on perfect sides
Conceive a integralusion catalogue at the object of your disquisition. That conceives perfect structure sites, journals, profession, etc. you used.
Please effect permanent you keep not attributable attributable attributable copied and pasted any knowledge at-once from any cause; that is considered plagiarism. There is no need to delineation, or allege, anysingle coercion this assignment. It is to be a written epitome reflecting your possess thoughts of your lection & exploration on this subject. However, you should conceive in your integralusion catalogue the cause of your lection & exploration.

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