You Are Defining and Defined by Social Responsibility

A socially responsible act that has influenced your life. Explain why this example influenced you and describe how this example and the motivation behind it reflect your personal values regarding social responsibility. For example, are there particular aspects of social change that resonate with you? In addition, define social responsibility in your own words and provide two examples from this week’s Resources that support or influence the development of your definition.

Review examples of social responsibility presented in the assigned reading from the Loeb (2010) course text.
Review “The Golden Rule” from this week’s Resources to identify commonalities across quotes and to determine whether any quotes align with your own values.
Complete the Cultural Genogram: Dimensions of Culture document in this week’s Resources to discover personal values related to social responsibility.
Think of the community or communities where you grew up. What issue of concern or need in that community(ies) did you see addressed directly or indirectly?
Think about the elements in your life that might have influenced your definition of social responsibility.
Did any of your family members choose careers that served the community in which they lived?
Consider which convictions you hold that were formed early in life and think about how they now influence the way you view social responsibility.

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