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Workplace Practices and Procedures and their Impacts on the Workforce

A medium sized local company, Century Ltd, has recently become aware of increasing problems with staff. They have noticed an increase in absenteeism, staff turnover as well as poor morale and a drop in sales.

The middle managers are all relatively inexperienced and the Managing Director has asked you to guide them so that they can review their own practices in order to help them establish the cause of their problems. He has asked you to provide a formal report that he may present to the board.

Your report will draw on your understanding of workplace practices and procedures and their impacts on the workforce. You will provide exemplification of current practices in a range of organisations.

Task 1 – Research

You will need to research workplace practices in order to gather information on:
• Communication practices including, communication policies and procedures, organisational charts and relevant legislation
• Team working practices and leadership styles. This should include remote working practices and how the remote workers are managed
• Support structures for staff, including HR department, policies and procedures

You may also wish to use organisations that you know well for example where you have been or are currently employed or where you work in a

voluntary capacity. Or you may be able to gather some information through a workplace visit. You may be able to interview people, review documentation and observe working practices to gather information. Alternatively you can carry out desk research using company reports, press releases and the company website or other parts of the internet particularly related to HRM.

Task 2 – Report

Prepare a formal report for the Managing Director of Century Ltd… This will be a substantial piece of work in which you present theories and best practice with exemplification from the organisations you have researched.

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