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Women’s Reproductive Rights Paper Essay Paper

The culmination of your work in these linked courses will be a final project, in which you use the knowledge you have gained and apply it to help make the world a better place through art and design activism. For example, you may want to educate the public about the prevalence of stereotypes, fight to make some form of discrimination less likely, or reduce the suffering of members of a particular stigmatized group. The scope of your project can be very broad or quite narrow, as long as you can adequately justify how it would help to reduce stereotypes, prejudice, or discrimination based on what we have learned throughout the semester. Just as the social problem you are trying to solve can vary, so can the actual form your project takes. Because the project piece itself will be completed as a part of your studio class, it will need to take some visual form. However, the medium could range from a performance piece, film/video, painting/drawing/poster, zine/book/pamphlet, toy, product, website, apparel, etc. Perhaps you will create an ad campaign, design a t-shirt, or write a children’s book. You could create a participatory public art installation or create an interactive or informational website. These are all just examples, so feel free to be creative in what form your final project will take, but you will need to be critically focused on both the form and function of the work, and use scholarly theory and research to adequately contextualize the problem and justify why the project you have chosen would make a positive impact on the world with regard to stereotypes, prejudice, and/or discrimination. For this course, you will write a 6-8 page literature review to accompany your final piece, that gives scholarly context to the problem and then offers evidence for why your piece should help to make things better. Although you are free to use readings from our class, you will also complete a review of additional scholarly literature beyond what was provided to you in this course. We will spend time in class discussing how to find appropriate scholarly material. The written component should be double spaced, use a recognized system of citation (I prefer APA, but will allow MLA or other established forms of citation), and will be graded on its content, organization, and clarity/writing style. I highly encourage use of the Writing Center for help on your paper.Final project formal presentation (25 pts) – In addition to the actual piece of work and written component of the final project, you will give a formal in class presentation on the scholarly material to support your piece. Because the presentations will span a few weeks, you will be at various stages of progress with your actual studio piece. Whereas the studio critique will be the venue for presenting your final project piece, the presentation in S101, will be where you contextualize and give the rationale for the piece’s efficacy based on a review of scholarly material. Thus, the presentation in S101 will mirror the information you will reviewing in your final paper.***I Attached my presentation, I just need the final paper written based on the same thesis***I need six scholarly sources, and a works cited page’s%20equality%20abortion%20rights&f=false

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