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What is your working claim? Custom Essay

Directions for the Questionnaire: Type both the questions and your response for each of the following five questions. Make sure you respond to each question specifically as it is asked (especially question 5, or you will lose points.)
1. What topic did you choose? Type the complete topic exactly as I wrote it (5 pts.)

2. What is your narrowed and focused topic? (�Narrowed� means you have found a sub-category of the general topic. �Focused� means within the narrowed topic you have pinpointed a specific subject for your paper. See Craft of Research, p. 122, 8.2.1. (10 pts.)

3. What is your working claim? (Your working claim should begin with a qualifying claim � use �although� or �even though� � and after the central assertion, it should conclude with a reason clause � use because. See Craft of Research, p. 123-4. In particular note the rationale for a very full working claim: ��we don�t suggest that your final draft should offer a claim as bloated as these. But the richer your working claim, the more complex your argument is likely to be.� (10 points)

4. What makes your claim significant? �Significant� means the claim is central and important to your overall topic. Moreover, a significant claim may surprise the reader, causing them to change their opinions or actions. See Craft of Research, p. 124-6 . (10 points)

5. Write a 250 word brief of your research paper, including your (a) justification for your choice of topic; (b) list of five sources you�ve identified or contacted; (c) preliminary list of key points; (c) possible research challenges to your research and writing�and how you will deal with those challenges. These should not be �personal� challenges, like procrastination, but research gathering and writing obstacles. Answer a, b, c directly and fully. (Each part is worth 5 points)
Directions for the Vomit Draft
Vomit Draft (1-25 pts.): The vomit draft is 300-600 words. I strongly suggest you hand write it first and then type it out to upload. This represents your very first attempt at putting together your information and thinking on your topic. You should write primarily from memory, referring to notes as little as possible, and do not include MLA documentions.
Definition of VOMIT: to forcefully eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth; regurgitate; throw up.
So, clearly you won�t be literally vomiting all over the paper! No, �vomit� is a metaphor here. Your mind � not your stomach!! � will have taken in an enormous amount of information on your topic. So, now you �throw up� that mental food you�ve been taking in and digesting. What are the results so far?

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