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Week Eleven Residential 2 EN 102

1 Continue the research process that will result in the composition of an argumentative Research Paper of 1500-2000 words in which you argue a position based on a problem/solution on an issue chosen by you, with the advice and consent of your instructor. Note: Specifically, use the debate, dialogue, and deliberation strategies to help you look at the main points of your essay. You will find information on these terms and techniques on pages7-14 in Dialogues (your textbook). Then, begin your first draft. Remember that your argument type is a proposition so you must include a solution at the end of your paper. For this assignment, you may not use I. Write in 3rd person (using 3rd person pronouns such as he, she, it, one, they, and them). AVOID PLAGIARISM AT ALL COSTS. Topics: You may write on the topic of your choice, but no religious or partisanly political (that is, following party lines, Democrat or Republican) topics are allowed. You should choose a topic big enough that you can write at least 1500 words on it, but small enough that you do not need to write

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