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“Value of sports” Research Paper

1. Develop and explain a research design for an ethnographic study to find out about a particular sub-population group of your choice (for

example, young people, Aboriginal people, women, the elderly, etc.).
2. Discuss how the purposes of this research and the design of this study might vary if a grounded theory approach had been used instead
1. Developandexplainaresearchdesignforaphenomenologicalstudytofindoutaboutan aspect of leadership.
2. Discuss how the purposes of this research and the design of this study might be varied if a narrative approach had been used instead.
Word length: 3,000
A sample information letter and consent form may be included in the appendix, in addition to this word allowance, if this is needed.
Please read this advice before you begin the task.
Learning outcomes:
The intended purposes of this assignment are to demonstrate you
a. Have gained an in depth understanding of two different approaches to qualitative research
b. Are familiar with the requirements and style of writing to produce a concise research proposal
and are able to use these effectively
c. Are able to produce a single research design that is concise, consistent, comprehensive, easy
to read and well justified
d. Can outline concisely how the focal research question and the research design for the same
topic would vary if an alternative qualitative approach were used
Structure: The assignment has two parts, part 1 and part 2.
Part 1: The first task is to produce and explain a research design. The design will include all the elements discussed in the text except

the literature review, for example, epistemology, theoretical framework, methodology, methods, sampling, or ethics. For the first task, you

will need to explain the rational for the design choices you have made and you will need to ensure that you have used the approach

Part 2:
The second task is to discuss how the research design you have developed would be vary if you used the alternative approach identified in

the question.

Focus: Remember, you are producing a single coherent research design to find out about the topic NOT a report on the topic.
a. The research design should provide all the information needed for someone else to conduct the research and analyse the results.
b. You are NOT expected to know anything about the topic of the research, or to research the subject matter for this.
c. Do NOT do a literature review for this task, Instead briefly outline what literature you think might be relevant (for example, provide

search terms).
d. You are NOT expected to submit a second complete alternative research design, just discuss the similarities and most important

4. Referencing: Use the text for the qualitative unit (Qualitative Research: Choosing amongst five approaches). It is not good practice to

use multiple low quality references for methodology, especially if your only purpose is to increase your ‘reference count’. It is much

better to use a small number of good quality references well. You are expected to consult other references to add depth of knowledge (at

least five).
5. Presentation: Each of the two parts needs a different format Part 1
Research Design: present the research design (and explanation of the design) in the format of a research proposal.
Part 2
Comparison between two approaches: in this part use a short essay format
6. Length: Be as concise as you can be, whilst meeting the requirements of the task. It is recommended that Part 1 will be longest (about

2,000 -2500 words) and Part 2 will be much shorter (about 500 words). You may include one sample information letter and one sample consent

form in an appendix, in addition to this word limit).

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