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US History Custom Essay

By nature, a document-based essay demands that a student is able to evaluate, interpret, and organize ideas from multiple source into a coherent and structured final essay. For this essay, you will be given one historical question to investigate, along with a set of documents from which you should locate your evidence to support your argument. The following question requires you to construct a coherent essay that integrates your interpretation of documents with information gained from in-class discussions and lectures. High scores will be earned only by essays that both cite key pieces of evidence from the documents and draw on outside knowledge of the period (outside knowledge is that which was learned from class lectures/discussions and the readings in the exam packet).

Additionally, your essay question should have a clear and discernible thesis statement and a clear structure with intro, body, and conclusion paragraphs. I will use the rubric on page 2 of the study guide for assessment of your essay.

1. You are not required to use every document in the set that is described below, but you will be assessed on if you neglect to use documents that would help to support the unique argument

that you have developed.
2. Important: You are not summarizing documents and articles individually. Rather you will locate and interpret key ideas and concepts from the documents as evidence that fits into your broader essay and the conceptual ideas or categories that your body paragraphs develop.
3. There is no page minimum or maximum, but it is highly suggested that you write a comprehensive essay with a clear structure (including an introduction with the thesis; the body section – with paragraph breaks, effective topic sentences, and transitions; and a conclusion

4. Outside information taken from internet websites is forbidden. Do not use, cite, or conduct

research from any material other than class notes and the Henretta textbook. If you decide to

use outside information from the internet and cite it appropriately, you will receive a grade

deduction of one letter grade. If you decide to use outside information from the internet and

do not cite it at all, and the instructor discovers evidence of your use of such outside

information, an investigation of academic misconduct may be pursued by the instructor.

To what extent did the American Revolution and the ideas unleashed in its aftermath (through

1820) lead to radical changes for two American groups? Address at least two of the three groups

listed below in your response.
Women African-Americans
Lower-class/ordinary white men

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