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Unbiased Writing: Is It Really Possible?

All human beings have a past and most adult human beings have formed values and beliefs based on their own unique experiences since birth. Many were introduced to some sort of religious system while others possibly had no religious influence growing up. Many have beliefs that were basically inherited from their parents and community leaders while others may have rejected those beliefs and formed their own. Those people raised in the United States of America may have different political views than others that grew up in North Korea. As a result, all humans have their own customized filters by which they assimilate, process, and express information. With these thoughts fresh in mind and sifting through ones personal filter, one might pose the following question: Is it possible to write a completely objective (unbiased) argument for a specific audience? I chose Robert Farleys article from titled, The ACA: Losing Jobs vs. Choosing Not To Work, to explore the idea that anyone can truly write a completely unbiased article. Factcheck.orgs About Us page states the website is a nonpartisan,

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