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U.S. Elections

Pick one of the following essay topic options below and write a 2-page (700-900 words,Times New Roman, single-spaced, 12 ) essay on it. Both questions require you do somesubstantial research , so make sure to give yourself enough time for research ANDwriting.Essay option 1:Topic: Climate Change.Describe the issue / points of conflict: What is it? What is the history of the issue, and what isthe current state of it? Who are the various parties involved in this issue (In the U.S. andbeyond)? Which positions do they hold? Which arguments are put forward? What is at stakefor each of these groups?Analysis: Pick two or three positions/groups (e.g. Climate deniers in the U.S., 350., and administration). Then think (and write) about the classed, gendered, racial aspects ofthe issue. Think (and write) about the ways in which certain positions on climate Who and/orwhat does one position (or solution) serve?Connections: How does these relationships connect to the themes and topics we have coveredin class?Essay option 2:Topic: U.S. ElectionsDescribe the issue / points of conflict: Pick two candidates (Clinton, Sanders, or Trump) andtell me about their respective positions on foreign policy, refugees, taxation, climate change,unemployment (or any other issue you think is important. Pick three). Which arguments areput forward?Analysis: Think about the classed, gendered, racial (therefore political and economic) aspectsof what these candidates are saying. Which economic classes one position serve?Connections: How does these relationships connect to the themes and topics we have coveredin class? Resources: might be a start, but not enough. Use Google cleverly and creatively. Do researchin  databases of newspapers, daily journals, , etc.:// creative!Do not say you like someone or something in an essay. Readers will not care. Tell me whatyou think, argue, claim and so on. And support your argument.If you are making an argument, defend it.You should not limit your essay to answering ALL of these questions and ONLY thesequestions.  been following the lectures, reading the book, you know what the issuesare about. You just need to reflect them back on current issues.Good luck!

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