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Tutorial about health information technology, Direct to PhD doctorate

choose one of these subjects and do tutorlal for it by powerpoint doing screenshot explaining every step of the process, not less than 21 slide.  M (GT.M or Cache) + Node.js + EWD.js + VistA.  This WITHOUT VistA is streight forward and already established M/Gateway.  Installing and configuring VistA on it is the big step.  A pathway to modernizing VistA!    Possible with LOTS of tweaks.  Mostly parts of M.  Perhaps the best to start with the script + Ubuntu 12.04LTS!?   future work on your own.  For a console version, too.  This is to be considered as a manual replication of the VM provision.A similar effort can be achieved by installing WorldVistA on GT.M + LINUX.  Visit  An in-depth M skill is demanded.Be very careful about VxVistA.  This seems to demand a multiple user license of InterSystems Caché, that is NOT free (a 30-day trial license maybe sought).  More delicate comparing to OSEHRA VistA.  Visit when interested.  Instead, this may be a good option for more serious hands-on toward a production.

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