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training HR memo Essay Paper

 Conduct a training needs assessment (or audit) for an office or organization. Report on one page.  Training Needs Assessment (or audit  What training is needed?  What training is mandated?  What are our resources  Prioritize Conduct at 3-5 interviews on at least two management levels.******* it will be one page single space and one page dubble space for personal reflections and waht i have learnedhere are  the resources that can help you:Berman Chapter 7 Compensation and Chapter 9 Training and Development1) Bureau of Labor Statistics/ Employee Compensation 2) Needs Assessment 3) Orientation 4) Career Development 5) Brown, Judith (2002) Training Needs Assessment: A Must for Developing an Effective Training Program. Public Personnel Management, 31:4, 569-579. EBSCO/MasterFile6) Risk Management 7) Owens Jr., Patrick L (2006) One More Reason Not to Cut Your Training Budget: The Relationship Between Training and Organizational Outcomes. Public Personnel Management, 35:2, 163-172.EBSCO/MasterFile

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