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Thermal Equilibrium Experiment

This laboratory focused on the thermodynamic processes involved when two incompressible substances are mixed together. 12 experiments were performed, 10 involving the combination of a measured amount of hot and cold water and 2 involving the combination of ice and liquid water, the majority of these experiments were performed three times. The average variance in final temperature for each experiment was less than 10 percent providing proof of repeatability. Equipment used during the experiment included a gram scale, thermocouple, Styrofoam cup, glass beakers, microwave, an ice bath and ice. The first half of the experiment was dedicated to the mixing of two containers of water at different temperatures. The mass of the water in each container was measured and the containers were then heated or cooled to achieve the temperature desired for the experiment. The temperature was measured with a thermocouple before and after mixing. The data was recorded and is included in tables. The second half of the experiment involves the mixing of ice and liquid water. Water was weighed and cooled then mixed with an amount of ice that was also weighed. The temperature before and after mixing

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