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Themes of Stones Into Schools

The institution of education in many regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan is virtually nonexistent. Many girls dont have access to schools (Stones into Schools p.4) and those that do usually dont graduate from high school. While Greg Mortensons Stones into Schools and the documentary The Miseducation of Pakistan deal with two different areas, they both show many similar themes. One major recurring theme that is evident in both Stones into Schools and The Miseducation of Pakistan is the suppression of women. Both works discussed how women in the region had traditionally been discouraged from attending school or entering the workplace. The Taliban was especially opposed to womens rights. When the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, one of the first things they did was close every girls school and university (Stones into Schools p.74). Over 100,000 elementary school girls and 8,000 female university students were forbidden from attending their schools. Women were only allowed to leave their homes if they were with a close male relative and they had to wear a blue burka. If a woman showed her ankles she could have been whipped. While Pakistan didnt have

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