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The Nurses Role Darton State College

As children we all aspire to be great. Some children wanted to become Doctors, and some wanted to become Lawyers. I wanted to either play professional baseball or become a Veterinarian. Of course neither one came to fruition. Looking back, I understand that the path I took was attached to a strong desire to help others. Helping others was the initial goal of the first nurses, long before it became a science. Today formal school and licensing exams are required to practice nursing. And for the many of us fortunate to pass the dreaded NCLEX exam, many jobs require clinical experience before you are hired. The responsibilities of the Registered Professional Nurse is vast and mostly independent, I can see why many facilities hesitate to offer employment to newly licensed nurses prior to receiving formal facility structured training. However, once you gain experience and are seen as a leader within your group, the opportunity for advancement is enormous. The field of Psychiatry offers the fastest growth opportunities. The Registered Nurse is definitely a profession. After I graduated from High School I knew I wanted to go into healthcare, but

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