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The mobile app to critique: Medscape Research Paper

1-. Authority of Source:

– Who is responsible for the content of this app?
– What are the author’s/contributors’ credentials?
– Is there an organizational sponsor?
– Developed by an educational institution? A business?
– What is the reputation of the sponsor or developer?
– Is there contact information, such as a publisher or email address?

2-. Accuracy, Objectivity, and Currency

– Who is sponsoring the app?
– Does the author affiliation influence the views presented?
– Are there advertisements on the app?
– Is there a political, cultural, or religious perspective?
– How often is the information updated?

3-. Organization

– Is the information well organized?
– Is the app searchable?
– Is there an index or table of contents?
– Is the app reliable (does it work)?
– Is there an easy-to-find “Help” feature?

4-. Purpose

– Who is the intended audience?
– Is the purpose to inform or persuade?
– Is the information promotional?
– Is the information copyrighted?

5-. Compare with Other Sources

– Are other sources better (books, periodicals, etc.)?
– Is the app free or is there a fee? If there is a fee, how much does the app cost?
– Can the information be more easily obtained from another source?

6-. Usability and Applicability

– Is the app easy to use?
– On what platform does the app operate?
– How useful is the information for your purpose?

7-. Would you recommend this mobile app?

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