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The impact of national minimum wage on stakeholders Custom Essay

Business management is my chosen undergraduate course. I’ve always been interested in Business, management in particular. Coworking

with other individuals has been my strongest side. I guess the attraction of businesses competitiveness and collaborative work have influenced me a lot. I’m from Kazakhstan, I’ve been studying in Miras international school for 10 years. At the following school, I’ve finished my PYP and MYP programme. Currently I’m doing UFP at CATS London. After I’ll finish my education in UK, I would comeback to my country, where hopefully I’ll establish my own enterprise.
I also worked as a cashier in my father’s cafe. Eventhough it was a part-time job, that’s how I earned my first money. Other than I used to help my dad with the accountancy from time to time during this summer. Also I used to translate majority of the letters addressed to his business partners.The books which have inspired me to chose the business management course are ‘Think and grow rich’ by Napaleone Hill and Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap … And Others Don’t by Jim Collins.

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