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“The Fine Art Of Boloney Detection” . Essay Paper

You will choose an issue that interests you related to physical geography for (: weather, invasive, species, national parks, conservation, hurricanes, much more) , and find an example (newspaper article, magazine article, talk/radio show) of this topic being reported in local, national, or global media. Using Carl Sagan’s “The Fine Art Of Boloney Detection” as a guide, I want you to construct a 5-pargraph essay discussing how this source ( fails 2-3 of the tenets of Sagan’s “Boloney detection kit, and B) succeeds at addressing 2-3 of the tenets of Sagan’s Boloney detection kit, and C) discusses how the source could better present itself as “science” and what information you as a reader/listener/conscientious person would need to obtain to make an informed decision on this topic. 5 paragraph essay: Paragraph 1: Introduction. state the problem, why it is important, and outline what you will say about it. paragraph 2-4: Body. discuss each of your main points, one per paragraph. Paragraph 5: Conclusion.Brief recap of your main points, and resolution of the problems.

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