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The Family and Delinquency Custom Essay

The Family and Delinquency

Does family disruption and delinquency go hand in hand? That question has been researched and studied in depth by many over the years. The family structure can be different within most families. This is one aspect of family life that is without exception, associated with delinquency. The number of different structures are many. They can range from having parents or family members that have only one parent,

negative marital relationships that are emotionally draining and parents that are separated or divorced.

Since 1970, American families that have children living with both parents have declined substantially. All of these structural changes can set into motion changes in financial conditions, residence, relationships, and family roles which all increases stress and conflict in the home. Even though there are many happy exceptions, it is so very sad that children in broken families whether it is by separation or divorce, have a much greater chance of behavior problems, which include delinquency. Children being raised by two parents have a lower risk of being a delinquent.

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