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The Development of America from the Pre-Columbian Era to the Early ColoniesThe Development of America from the Pre-Columbian Era to the Early Colonies

Much of what is taught in History classes around the world is rarely about how America really came to be what it is today. I cannot remember a lot of what I read about the start of our country but I do know that I was taught that everything started with Christopher Columbus. After reading a good sum of written materials I feel that I am better informed. While the so-called discovery of Columbus did pave the way for many changes there is more to it than meets the eye. The Pre-Columbian Era is the time period before the famous voyage of Columbus in the year 1492. Although history teaches us that the way those that came before us behaved was justified, it may not all be true. However I cannot judge past actions based on todays standards because of the way things have changed so drastically. Knowing what really happened is important for us to grow and to learn more about ourselves. In this essay I will cover how the Europeans viewed other people, the expansion of Europe and colonization; as

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