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Successful Purchasing at a non-profit organization

The part that I want you to do is part 3 which will be the report. Part 1 and part 2 will be uploaded as an attachment,

please seem them carefully and then do part 3. for part 3, I will also upload a template along with the rubric. please put

in mind that this is a QUALITATIVE research and I chose to collect my data by conducting an interview with 2 employees

working with me at Dubai Foundation for Women and Children and this is their website Also please use mapping

and coding using Nvivo I will upload 2 PDF files for you to see how its done and there will be youtube links to guide you,

please do it as SIMPLE as possible.

A brief info about the topic:
I am working at dubai foundation for women and children as an executive purchasing, and i am doing a research of how it is

hard to work without having a system because i am having difficulties tracking the LPO numbers and many important


For part 3 follow the template provided and this:In Part I of this project, you would have completed a Research Proposal.
Part II: you would have developed a set of questionnaire for survey or a list of questions for interviews; or both.
The tools you developed is depended on your research proposal and design in Part I.

Part III of this project is a follow-on from your proposal.
You shall conduct the study, run the analysis and write a report on the findings

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