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Social Networking: The research paper/essay must be in a form of “they say”, what others say, what is their opinion and “I say” what my opinion is Research paper

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The use of templates is a must (will provide them as attachment)

The research paper/essay must be in a form of “they say”, what others say, what is their opinion and “I say” what my opinion is. (The book of this course is: “They say I say, the moves that matter in academic writing”)

An example of how the essay should be is the article “Is google making us stupid”, the author brings quotations, explain them, (they say) and reveals his opinion too (I say). The article can be found here:
(I don’t mean that the author should read the whole article but he can take a look at it so he can get an idea)

The essay must have concession “to agree” with somebody, refutation “to disagree with somebody” and refutation and concession at the same time. Our instructor prefers the use of simple, compound, complex sentences, rhetoric questions, anecdotes, paradoxes etc.

I will send some documents, to provide more instruction about the essay.

1. research_paper-eng_101
On this file will be the research paper description so the writer can have a better idea about what my instructor wants. Note that I have chosen the 1-page summary option, the writer can refer to the topic: “Selection and Preliminary Thesis” description inside this document and do the 1-page summary based on that.

2. Templates.
One of documents that I will attach are Templates. Templates are the most important part of this essay and they are a must. The writer must use some of the templates provided on the document for example to introduce quotations, to agree with somebody or disagree with somebody etc.

3. Paragraph Structure contain an example of the paragraph structure.

4. Power Verbs and Words You Should Know documents contain some verbs and words which are very recommended that the writer uses some of those verbs or words.

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