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Sexual and Romantic Development in Youth

This paper explores the effects of ones context and biology on sexual and romantic development in youth and young adults. I find it perplexing that children mature very differently in terms of their sexuality. This brings to question whether nature or nurture controls ones sexuality and romantic relationships. Many authors debate over the importance of hormones and biological factors versus environmental factors in relation to sexual development. Despite Freuds notion, parental influence determines a childs sexual development, many instances show that even healthy parenting results in children with unhealthy sex lives. For this reason, authors seek evidence supporting the importance of hormones as an influence on an adolescents sexual maturation. However, other authors seek support for the importance of contextual influence on a persons sexual development. So, does a childs sexual and romantic development depend on biological or environmental factors or a combination of both? Environmental Influences on Sexual/Romantic Development Cyranowski and Andersen (1998), investigate how sexual self-schemas are cognitive generalizations about sexual aspects of the self. Also, these authors explore the importance of early attachment relationships in infants and maturing adolescents to sexual development. These views about sexual

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