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Rhetorical Structure

At this point, you should be ready to compose. You should have gathered enough researchpros and consand formulated a solid thesis. You should have read through the research, should have taken notes, and should have begun dividing the good and the useful from the rest. Now, its time to decide how to organize your thoughts with the research in order to produce the most efficient argument. This should help you draft your argument. Assignment Requirements: 1. Read Howards Effective Arguments are Organized Using Classical, Rogerian, or Toulmin Models pp. 78806. 2. Review the lecture The Structure of a Written Argument. 3. In a 1-page response: Part 1 (no more than 2 paragraphs): Explain the youre going to use and why. Elaborate on why youve chosen this structure instead of the others. What rhetorical strengths will

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