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Responses must demonstrate your ability to synthesize information appropriate to each business situation.

 1. Provides a comprehensive evaluation of key issues and trends caused by economic globalization.  Analyzes the business and financial impacts and recommends feasible and strategic solutions that leverage the trends to meet sustained business success. 2. Analyzes and prioritizes needs of diverse stakeholders from a personal, social and corporate perspective. Evaluates business situations to recommend feasible, ethical, and legal actions. 3. Synthesizes and clearly expresses the complexities in a given business problem in a clear, concise, and logical manner. Reflection, application, and analysis of business concepts are presented in a succinct, systematic, and thorough manner well supported by sound evidence and current research 4. Comprehensive and extensive review of the  literature from a variety of appropriate sources, extracting the important information and applying it in an in-depth response to the business problem. Comprehensively analyzes a business problem by gathering and assessing relevant information, diagnosing underlying causes, considering and evaluating possible alternatives, and determining and defending an appropriate, well-reasoned solution or course of action.  Decisions show a high level of cultural sensitivity.  

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