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APA format. See attachments for textbook. You can use your own references. RESEARCH PROPOSAL ON NEGATIVE BEHAVIOR IN CORPORATE AMERICA 1. Create research proposal as a clear statement of the purpose of the research question/problem and hypothesis. 2. Literature review and synthesis of 10 sources. 3. Develop Method Section to include: a. Identify research approach b. Describe participants and sampling plan to obtain participants c. Define measurement instrument d. Outline procedures to use 4. Create a section labeled Results. This section describes your data collection and analysis process. The process should be consistent with the earlier sections (i.e., it should fit the research approach and method you selected). Describe the relevant data that will be collected to support your hypotheses and answer your research questions. Show what results must occur from the data analysis to support each of your hypotheses. Data analysis should follow the steps outlined on pp. 151-153 in your textbook (also refer to the sample proposal in Shared Documents for guidance). Use Table 8.3 on p. 153 of your textbook and the information in the PowerPoint slides on quantitative analysis to determine the statistical test(s) you will use. Write a separate Discussion section in which you discuss the anticipated results (see the sample proposal for guidance). A discussion section should, at minimum, explain the meaning of the expected results, state the implications of the findings, and discuss possible future researchPamela “You need to Reposition yourself to increase your faith to be able to see the ram in the bush”

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