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Reading the memoir of Kathryn Harrison, The Kiss, analyse the detrimental effect of her family on her personality Research Paper

Content: Please read the memoir The Kiss and base the whole essay on it.
Introduction – Please use an interesting hook by using one of the external sources. After explaining the external source say that “Relevant to the…. in the Kathryn Harrison’s memoir, The Kiss…” and show how they’re relevant. Please only give a very short explanation of the memoir and then introduce the thesis statement something like: Kathryn Harrison’s family members had a detrimental impact on her personality, both physically and psychologically, that led her rupture. (Please develop this thesis)
Body – Please provide a clear topic sentence to each of the body paragraphs its very important that they are clear, concise and always relevant to the thesis. There should be 3 body paragraphs. In first body talk about her grandparent’s effect, in second body about her mother’s effect. She neglects her. and in the last body please talk about her father’s effect. They all have different negative effects on her both physically and psychologically that lead Kathryn to anorexia and rupture. Please give effective quotes and rather than summarising it, analyze the situation and show how did everyone lead her to suffer. Please do not repeat yourself as every family members impact is different. Please all the time refer to the 2 external sources which ever is relevant. You must consider that the authors always requested love and attention from her family members.
Conclusion – Rather than summarising the thesis in conclusion, give a new direction to the paper. Saying like, she couldn’t discover herself and lost her identity. Also please give a good conclusion for both external sources you can end by using one of them to be effective. Should end effectively.
Language: Please use a sophisticated language, with advanced vocabulary and good structured sentences. Please use transitions between sentences and paragraph to make it smooth. Please always use active voice. My professor gives a lot of importance to correct usage of comma, all punctuations and grammar. Please use the correct MLA citation and cite every quote (Author’s last name, Page number). Please provide an additional Works Cited page where you cite the memoir and 2 external sources. Please use relevant quotations in each claim you make. Please provide a creative title to the essay. Please write full 5 pages.
External Sources:
Find an article about how a mother neglecting her daughter has a detrimental effect on the daughter’s personality (You will refer to this source in the body of mother
Find an article about how a family member being physically attracted to a girl leads the girl to suffer (either father to her daughter or grandfather to her grand daughter) It should be an article supporting how the love inside a family can be dangerous. I mean love by attraction not family love.
Please find two sources about the context I wrote to you. They can be articles or essay from online or print, but you should integrate the sources in the paper all the time. Please find good sources. Please use quotes and reference to the sources throughout the paper. Please don’t use obvious quotations and facts that everyone knows from the sources but find interesting and supportive quotes.
The paper is very important so I would appreciate If you would do go good analysis from the book with good claims, integrating the two sources.

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