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Quantified Risk Assessment Project Research Paper

uantified Risk Assessment Project
40% of total grade for this unit (40 marks)
2500 words (+10%)
Word (or similar) digital document
Assessment Project.
Review the application of a Quantified Risk Assessment (QRA), as a major component of a Systems Safety approach to managing OHS on a major hazard facility (MHF).
In this review you need to:
• Summarise the definition of a Major Hazard Facility according to
South Australian OHS/WHS legislation. Include any associated Codes of Practice and related material. Provide examples of the types of industries that would be a MHF.
• Justify the application of a QRA in a Systems Safety approach; categorising what they are used for and how they are.
• Synthesise the application of the following QRA measures, providing examples:
– Individual Risk;
– Fatal Accident Rate [FAR]); – Societal (or group) Risk.
• Argue the limitations of QRA’s. Your project should include the following:
• Introduction. (5 marks)
• Main body:
• – Definition of a major hazard facility. (2 marks)
• – Justification of the application of QRA in a systems safety
approach. (9 marks)
• – The application of two QRA measures. (10 marks)
• – An argument about the limitations of QRA’s. (4 marks)
• Conclusion. (5 marks)
• Correct referencing and appropriate presentation. (5 marks)
• Use APA referencing style. Marks may be deducted for incorrect or omitted referencing. Penalties apply for late submission.

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