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Quality Management.

First of all you can choose any company in UAE who provide service or product, the project is to investigate three leading quality management principles in an UAE organization that exercised any quality management framework which we selected (Customer Focus , Leadership & involvement of people) we need to have in this project the following ; 1. a Literature review ( Conduct a thorough search on the topic of research. For this you are required to search journals (academic and trade), books, websites, etc. Your objective is to provide up-to-date information on the topic. Include referencing. ) 2. Original Research ( A) The main focus should be given to the own research work performed within this subject. B) There is evidence that the research is well planned and executed. C) Research methods and tools are appropriate. There is originality in research work.) 3. Analysis & Presentation of Results ?Results are clearly presented using tables, graphs, Analysis is well structured and coherent (i.e analyses fit into a broader argument structure). 4. Discussion ?Students apply the relevant literature (models, concepts, theories and results of other authors) to analyse their own results in the context of international research. 5. Recommendations & Conclusion ?Students offer specific recommendations and actionable solutions based on their research findings. Any complexities in the topic are explained and a clear ?argument is presented. Conclusion provides a clear ending and presents a clear summary of the key project findings.

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