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Purgatorio, Canto XXXII

Create a guide to canto XXXII of the Purgatorio for an imaginary book we will call Dante for Dummies, intended for an intelligent but non-specialist audience. Your guide can be a mix of text and images or video; and it can be as creative and idiosyncratic as you like, so long as it really can illuminate the canto. Additional secondary research is not required, but you should quote or refer to at least three (3) of the primary source articles. If you consult any source beyond Dante (even Mandelbaum’s notes), you must acknowledge it. The essay must be word-processed, 6-7 pages long (not including images), with normal font (12 point) and margins (1 inch all around), and page numbers.

Possible thesis: Canto XXXII describes the history of the Christian Church, in an explicitly allegorical scene which is confusing and difficult to understand. For the novice reader this can be daunting undertaking and can only be achieved by consulting secondary resources to fully comprehend the themes, symbols, and mythology used to represent characters, figures, and abstract ideas or concepts. (example, tree of life, the griffin and chariot).

Primary Source material:
-The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri: Purgatorio (1982). New York: Bantam. 1984
-Mark Musa’s synopses of Inferno and Purgatorio
-Jeffery T. Schnapp Intro to Purgatorio
*ay number of internet sources are acceptable in addition to the three primary source documents

a. give them for every quotation, in parentheses only, at the end of the sentence: “Why did the man who was arguably the greatest painter who ever lived dissipate his energies, often quite carelessly, among so many other fields?” (Sprezzatura, 163)
b. do not refer in your text to page (or line) numbers; they go only in parentheses. (Inferno V, 46-47), (II. 4-5)
c. always cite the edition / translation you are using.
d. Where many editions exist, quote chapter and verse (or canto and line number) instead of a page number. Page references exist to help your reader track down your quotation, and if you quote Dante and identify the page of your edition, that only narrows the field to 2000 editions or so.

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