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Project Management: Behind Schedule

Topic:ÿProject Management: Behind Schedule Description: [?] Preferred language style: English (U.S.) Scenario: You are the project manager in an ERP implementation team. Your project is behind schedule and you are considering adding extra staff to the team. What would be the potential advantages and disadvantages of this approach? What is your approach to overcome this situation? Justify you answers. Guidelines The provided submission should be maximum 1200 words. The overall structure of the Final should be as follows: 1. Main Report (within range of words, see above) (3 pages MS Word) 2. References (1 page MS Word) Submitting format: 4 pages (MS Word) file but not Excel or PowerPoint. Submit only one file and include any Excel analysis as images, not embedded files. (Please note: providing more than the maximum 1200 words or 4 pages (MS Word) file will be a reason of loosing grades)

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