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Process of Couples Therapy Custom Essay

After completing the review of the materials, write a reflective paper on couples therapy by specifically examining therapeutic alliance

and, using enactments and current couple therapy research. Include in your paper the following:

Identify at least two principles that you judge to be particularly beneficial to use in your work with couples based on the information

that is presented in the articles on therapeutic alliance. The intention here is for you to consider general guidelines for working with

couples and building therapeutic rapport.

Evaluate the usefulness of the enactments process in working with reactive clients. Specifically, think of a client or couple that you know

personally, and then consider how it might work to use the five-stage enactment process with this couple. How would it help? How might it

pose a challenge?

Evaluate the information in the assigned readings and discuss either a) one development in the field of couple therapy that constitutes a

particular benefit to clients or clinicians that work with couples, or b) one area of research that you feel is greatly needed for further

development of our work with couples.

Summarize your responses to these ideas and their applicability to working with couples, now or in the future.

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