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Population in transition

Explain population trends and patterns in births and fertility in contrasting regions of the world Crude Birth Rate (CBR)= total number of births ???? The CBR does not take into account the age and sex structure of a population. Total Fertility Rate (TFR)= Average number of children born to a women in her lifetime Case Studies: Higher fertility in LEDCs, resulting in youthful populations [2nd and 3rd stage of demographic transition model] ie. Early expanding/late expanding Replacement level for fertility is 2.1. Worlds current: 2.56 ???? Lower fertility in MEDCs, results in an ageing population [4th and 5th stage of demographic transition model] ie. Low stationery/declining Lower fertility rate empowers women Factors affecting birth rates Cultural/ethic/religious status Cultural status impacts the ability of women to make decisions about their contraception and thus, their fertility rate Use of contraception is 28% in Africa, compared to 73% in Europe Religion: the Philippines government is catholic and does not provide family planning services for women within government hospitals and clinics, TFR is 3, above replacement Philippines is compared to Poland, which is also religiously conservative but has a TFR of 1.27, as a result of women being

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