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PLS 201 for the ones who cannot out

Esperanzas name means hope, and her legacy she leaves behind can give the trapped women in her neighborhood faith that they too will be able to leave this place behind. In Sandra Cisneros The House on Mango Street, Esperanza Cordero realizes that she really cant leave from Mango Street, a rundown neighborhood in Chicago. In Esperanzas journey, she yearns to leave while other women such as Sally, Minerva, and Rafaela aspire to do so as well but have failed to escape the neighborhood they are succumbed to. This dream of moving away from Mango Street is a common desire between these women, yet their ways of attempting to fulfill their dreams are crushed by controlling men and they end up right where they started. Esperanza seeks out a friend in Sally. Sally is a gorgeous girl that Esperanzas mom calls dangerous (p. 32), and her dad says that shes so beautiful its trouble (p. 32). Sally is Esperanzas experienced guide to all things glamorous and sexual. Sallys life at home is troubling because her dad physically abuses her. He beats her when boys look at her

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