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Pleasant day! I hope this finds you well after the typhoon Research paper

Pleasant day! I hope this finds you well after the typhoon.
As you know, you did the outline slides for the class of Principles of Terrorism, which you can find it here with this order as an attachment, and now it is the time for this important paper that accounts for 30% from the final grade of the whole course, SO PLEASE WORK ON IT IN A LEVEL THAT ALLOWS ME TO RECEIVE THE FULL MARK.
As you know, the outline was discussing why Iran is sponsoring the terrorism, so go ahead and expand it in a 15-PAGE final paper (NOT INCLUDING THE REFERENCE PAGE(s) ) and use at least 13 references to do this big paper and there will be a special bonus if I receive the full mark or full mark-1 (I swear and promise(: )
Note: that I not only need the different points that have been mentioned in the outline only, BUT Create new issues related to this topic and make the paper in general to be convincing. So, expand what has been mentioned in the attached you did for outline + make new points to let the professor knows that the final paper not just expand what is already existent but also comes with something new to create a wonderful and convincing paper. One example of the important issues mentioned in the outline the how Iran tries every year to disturb the season of Hajj and makes it out of its goal by garbing the political issue and the sect differences between Sunnis and Shiites Muslims, because Iran is Shiite and Saudi Arabia is Sunni country, which spread fear between Hajjs (pilgrims) like what Iran did in 1987 and this year 2015.

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