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Pathophysiology of Disease

Topic:ÿPathophysiology of Disease Description: [?] Preferred language style: English (U.K.) Write a report on the case. Your report should be between 1,750 and 2,000 words in length, excluding references. Your report must also include references. The ?Areas to address in your answer shown at the end of each case study refer to the areas you should consider in making your analysis of the case. Your response will receive an overall mark, and there is no specific weighting attached to individual areas. A 33-year-old male was admitted for investigation of a painless mass in right side of the neck. The patient reported that he had been suffering from occasional headaches for about 12 months, and these were sometimes linked with feelings of dizziness. Family history included the premature death of brother at the age of 23 from what was called a ?stroke. Routine examination revealed BP of 180/100. No abdominal masses were palpable. Endocrinology: blood was normal, apart from calcitonin (>200 pg/mL). During collection of samples, the patient claimed that he felt ill with a sudden onset of headaches. He deteriorated rapidly and died. An autopsy was performed. Areas to address in your answer 1. Discuss the possible underlying findings in light of his elevated calcitonin of >200 pg/mL 2. What other biochemical assessment should have been done (given the relatively young age)? 3. Main pathology was in adrenal, thyroid and parathyroids. Discuss this syndrome. It must be organised with..(introduction..therapiesconclusionect.) You must answer all the questions in the casestudy. You must use journals. posting a diagrams on the casestudy will help to get a better grades.

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