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New York Times Article Review and Reflection Week: This week, you will complete the following tasks:
1.Search for a New York Times article that relates to an issue concerning women and/or girls. The articles can be

informative pieces or opinion pieces. Do not use book review articles. Here is a link that takes you to a list of articles

about women and girls: Click here. Please select an article that was published within the last year. Refrain from picking

the first article you see and rather, read the abstracts to find an article that strikes your interest the most.
2.Summarize and reflect on the piece. You’ve done this before. Revisit requirements for summaries and reflections under

the Week 1 Discussion forum. In your post, provide the title of the article, the author of the article, the year of

publication, and also copy and paste the direct link to the article so that your fellow classmates and your instructor can

read it. The article information does not count toward your word requirement. Your total post must be at least 225 words.
3.You must also provide a thoughtful response to at least one classmate’s post (no specific word requirement).

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