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Origins Of Theatre

There is no clear evidence of the true origins of theatre. There are many theories and speculations about the location of the beginning of theatre. It is agreed that a form of theatre has been present since human civilization first began. The form of theater that we know today has a long and rich history that began in Africa as rituals which eventually evolved into the spectacular plays that are done today. The first know dramatic presentations occurred in northern Africa, alongside the Nile River in ancient Egypt, as much as five thousand years ago, possibly as early as 3300 B.C. There are indications of ritual performances in the activities of literally hundreds of ancient African tribal groups, dating as far back as 600 B. C (Cohen, 2014). A ritual is described as a collective ceremony, performed by members of a society, normally for religious or cultural reasons. These were typically performed for special occasions like weddings, deaths, summoning of gods, seasonal changes, and other various things of that nature. So even though these may have seemed theatrical, many of them were not designed for a traditional audience. Many

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