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Newark a Study of an Industrious Cycle

This paper was prepared for Principles of Business, GEB 1011, taught by Professor Juan Perez. Newark, NJ- A Study of an Industrious Cycle The City of Newark, New Jersey, founded in 1666 by Robert Treat and a group of Conneticut Puritans fleeing New Haven due to political presecution, has gone through a series of ups and downs that was equivalent to an industrial or business cycle of an organization. This research paper will point out a summation of the Boom times this once elite metropolis went thru at its zenith of evolution, the problems it encountered that lead to a major Recession, the economic turmoil and civil conflict that resulted in two Depression periods and the Recovery process this city is currently immerging from. The Boom- Newarks rapid growth began in the early 1800s, much of it due to Seth Boyden a Massachusetts transplant who introduced the process manufacturing leather culminating in a unique method for producing patent leather; a major industrial development. Boydens genius led to Newarks production of 90% of the nations leather by 1870. Other inovations that sprouted out of this

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