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Native American & Alaska Native Cultural Project

The outline and presentation for this assignment generally follows the presentations from Gigers (2009) Application of Assessment and Intervention Techniques to Specific Cultural Groups. There are over 500 Federally Recognized tribes in the U.S., plus some additional tribes recognized by states, plus unknown number of smaller unrecognized tribes. Many are also divided into clans and loosely categorized into major groups. While it is impossible to totally generalize across such a broad spectrum, the scope of this project and the focus of the information compiled are of the generalized Native American/Alaskan Native. Where appropriate the Alaskan Native is separated within a topic, but there is no separate Alaskan Native chapter. This was done because it would be impossible to compare and contrast even the several largest tribes, as much of the statistical data and research is lumped together as American Indian/Alaskan Native (AI/AN). For this paper the decision was made to use the term Native American rather than American Indian, as it more accurately identifies the current populations with the original indigenous peoples who were their ancestors. There may

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